Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to get a puppy?

First,  you can look at the puppies we have available. Then fil out a puppy application so we can collect your information and know what you are looking for. That way we can speak on the phone and I will be prepared to discuss currently available puppies or a litter coming up that might be best for you. Thank You.

How do we accept payment?

I accept credit cards for deposits only. For final payment, I will accept Zelle, Cash, or Cash App.We also offer financing, for more information about financing “Click Here”  .  Thank you.

What size are your puppies full grown?

My puppies vary in size full grown. Most of our puppies stay around 5 lbs full-grown. I do frequently get some tiny ones in a litter. I have been breeding for many years, and do my best to chart weights, but I cannot give a guarantee on adult size. Thank you.

Do you have a health guarantee?

Yes, we have a “Health Guarantee”. Please read through it completely. Thank you.

Where are you located?

Cherry Blossom Shih Tzu is in Chicago!! I love it here in Chicago, Illinois. I am so excited to continue to offer some of the most beautiful babydoll-faced Shih Tzu to my wonderful clients.

How do we start the process?

Please start by filling out the “puppy application”. That gives us your info and tells us what you are looking for so we can call you with options or upcoming litters.

How big are your puppies?

Most of mine weigh between 3.5 to five pounds as adults.

Do you offer financing?

Yes we offer financing, to learn more : “Click Here”